June 22nd, 2011


This is the Story that Was for #07 Light In The Dark challenge

This is the story that I would have posted for the challenge had I managed to stay awake and my mouse hadn't run out of batteries. :(

I am posting it because I wrote it and I want to share it! Hope nobody minds.

Title: A Light In Time
Author: flubber2kool
Fandom/Character(s)/Pairing(s): Original
Genre: fantasy
Rating: PG -13
Words: 877
Challenge/Prompt: Challenge 07 - Light in the Dark
Warnings: Mention of a specific method of killing but nothing graphic.

Belomir rushed towards the headland. She needed to do something and do it soon. There was a small group of ships coming home that night. One of them carried the Supreme Mage Archealus. If anything happened to him, the fall province of Cattilian would fall o Rohanan and his forces.

Someone, probably the turncoat Dronthir, must have told him about the trip. That would explain why the first targets had been the light towers on the headland. Without them any ships would have to wait outside the channel until morning. If she was right, the mage storm that she felt was coming would rip them to pieces. They had to make it to the port channel or all was lost.

She also knew that she would stand alone. Once Cittilian had four grand mages, Dronthir, Ameralk, Soren and her. Thanks to Dronthir, Ameralk and Soren had their throats cut. The only reason she got away was because her apprentice Transal took her identity to allow her to escape. She had no doubt that he had died for her. While she was deeply mournful at his passing she knew hat he had given her hope.

That was how she found herself riding towards the headland. In her pack she had some mages chalk, bread, cheese, a flask of milk and the bottle of elixir. It was this that scared her. The liquid contained in the bottle allowed people to seek help from the great mages of the celestial plane. This help came at a price especially for an untrained mind such as hers. However Belomir knew the cost of not taking it was far worse than loosing her sanity. She knew that now Ameralk and Soren were gone she couldn’t do it alone and this was the only choice she had.

Reaching the remains of the tower on the eastern side of the port channel, Belomir brought her horse to a standstill. Looking a the ruins she realised the enormity of the task ahead of her. She was now more certain than ever that the elixir was the only way that she stood a chance of completing the task at hand.

Swallowing hard she took her pack from the horse and took out the mage dust before laying the pack down. Slowly and deliberately she drew the symbol of protection on the ground. After that she sat down, opened her pack and got out the bread, cheese and milk. She began her meal and looked at the bottle as it sat there. When she had taken the last of the milk she took the bottle in her hand, popped the cork and began to drink. As she had no idea of how much to take she decided to drink it all.

Suddenly she began to drift away from her reality. As she did so the world changed around her. As a new world formed she realised that this must be the celestial plane. As she became aware of the world around her, she also felt a burning in her mind.

“My name is Brelomir of the Cittilian province. I have come to ask for your aid oh great ones. Our land has been attacked by an evil force and the light towers that signal the opening to our port channel have been destroyed. Our Supreme Mage is on one of the ships that are heading for port. I believe that a mage storm is on the way and if the ships cant make it in to the channel they will be destroyed. If the Supreme Mage is destroyed all our hopes will be gone and we will loose our homeland.”

One of the beings stepped forward. “My name is Aryon. I see that your thoughts are pure and I will help you. Walk forward child and accept my power. “

Brelomir held out her hand. As she did so she felt the power flow through her. It was like electricity.

Soon Brelomir found herself back on the headland. Without any hesitation Brelomir stood up and looked across the the channel. Her head was pounding. She knew that she had to hold on for a little while longer.

Summoning all her strength she formed the first light ball. It glowed bright as she cast it away to the ruin on the furthest shore. Waiting until the light ball had settled, she set about creating the second. As she did so she felt like her mind was being ripped from her head. As the second light ball fell on the ruin beside her mind gave out and she was enveloped in a blanket of white and she fell to the ground.

She awoke to the find herself in the arms of the Supreme Mage. He looked at her with a fondness in his eyes.

“Be still my dear. You have made a great sacrifice this day. For you have taken enough of the elixir to keep the path open forever. Aryon has managed to put up a barrier to try to help your mind to allow me to train you. Be strong and you will prevail. You will now fulfill the prophecy as a true child of the light and you will be our light in the darkness yet to come.”
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