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Journey to the even weirder frontier
I'm sure I've been here before!!!!
"Meeting His Father" (NC17) 
4th-Nov-2007 01:55 pm
“Meeting His Father.”

Category: Slash Parings > Mckay/Sheppard.

Rating: NC17

Genres: AU, First Time, Romance, Humor.

Characters; Rodney Mckay, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Teyla Eammagen, Carson Beckett, Elizabeth Wier, Jack O’Neill, Jeannie Mckay. Original Characters: James Sheppard, Mrs Beckett, Aunt Jane.

AN: This is being written for the Urban Legend Slash Challenge. Legend Number: 70 - See note at bottom of story.

Disclaimer - I don’t have any rights to any of the characters from SGA or SG1. Only the original characters are mine.

I would also like to say thank you to my beta Guy. He is a long suffering fella that I love very much.


Rodney sat on the train. He was going home to Harrison to spend the summer vacation with his Aunt Jane.

As he closed his eyes and image came to mind. It was of a handsome young man with amazing hair and the most amazing pair of eyes that Rodney had ever seen. His name was John Sheppard. Ever since Rodney had met him he had had the hots for him. It wasn’t fair. John was a leading player in the college football team and he was very popular.

“Besides, I bet he isn’t even gay.” Rodney sighed, “Even if he is, I bet he wouldn’t be interested in me.”

Rodney stared out of the window as the train pulled in to the station. Getting his bags together he struggled to get off the train.

John looked up the platform and saw someone that he knew. It was Rodney. John’s heart began to beat faster as he watched him.

Walking over, he said, “Hey you want a hand with those?”

Rodney looked up in to an all too familiar pair of brown eyes that were looking at him.

“Oh…John. Err hi.” Rodney stammered, “I didn’t know that you live here.”

Rodney looked at him and felt his cheeks begin to redden.

John had noticed Rodney blushing and couldn’t help smiling. Ho thought that it was really cute.

“Great. Come on. Lets get those bags off the platform.” John said as he reached down to help Rodney with one of his bigger bags.

Eventually they mad it to the station entrance. John spotted his father’s car.

John looked at Rodney and said, “I have to go soon. Hang on a minute.”

Reaching in to his pocket he pulled out a piece of paper.

“Have you got a pen?’ he asked.

Rodney nodded and handed one over to him.

After having scribbled something down, he handed the piece of paper to Rodney and said, “Call me ok!”

Rodney looked at him and nodded again.

Giving him a warm smile, John picked up his bags and headed to the car.

Rodney stared after John and looked at the piece of paper in his hand. It was a phone number. John’s phone number to be exact! Rodney couldn’t believe it. Maybe there would be a chance after all.

“If nothing happens then maybe I will have a good friend. Ok, it’s not what I want but it would be better then nothing.” Rodney thought to himself.

“Hello Meredith.” a familiar voice rang out across the station. It was Rodney’s Aunt Jane.

Rodney winced. He really hated it when anyone called him that.

“Hi Aunt Jane.” He said.

The next minute he was engulfed in a big hug.

“Hi Mer.” Jeannie said and she gave him a bear hug.

“Err hi Jeannie.” Rodney said. He was never really that good at public expressions of emotions.

Jeannie stood back and looked at him. She really admired him but she would never tell him though.

“Who was that cool looking guy you were talking to?” she asked as she helped Rodney to the car.

“Oh him.” Rodney said, “He’s just someone I go to college with.”

Jeannie laughed. “It’s good to have you home Mer.”

“Good to be home Sis.” Rodney said with a smile.


Later on that evening John was sitting beside the phone willing it to wring.

“Expecting a call son?” his father said as he walked by.

“Maybe.” John replied continuing to stare at the phone.

Suddenly the phone rang. John grabbed it. “H. John Sheppard here.”

“Hi. This is Rodney.” After a brief silence, “I was at a loose end and I thought I would give you a call.”

“Hey I’m glad you called.” John said, “ I was wondering if you were doing anything tomorrow?”

“No” Rodney replied, “What did you have in mind?”

“I was wondering if you would like to join me for lunch?” John asked hopefully.

Rodney couldn’t believe it. John was asking him to go out to lunch with him.

“That would be great.” He replied.

“Good. Where do you live? I’ll come by and pick you up.”

Rodney gave him directions and added, “Oh yes. I am deathly allergic to citrus and I’m not very good in direct sun.”

“See you tomorrow then John. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Rodney.” John said as he put the phone down.

He couldn’t believe it. Rodney had said yes and he was going to spend time with him.

As Rodney put the phone down, he went and sat down on the sofa. He had a huge grin on his face.

“Maybe this is going to be a good summer after all.” He thought to himself.

Rodney was waiting outside as John drew up in his pick up.

Rodney jumped in and said, “Right where are we going?”

“That’s a surprise.” John said with a smile.

Rodney looked at John. He had a confident smile and looked so handsome. Rodney wanted to touch him but he didn’t have the courage.

John looked over at Rodney. He didn’t look that athletic and he didn’t look like he exercised much either, but that didn’t matter. There was just something that John found irresistible.

“Maybe it’s those piercing blue eyes.” he thought to himself as his eyes went back to the road.

Eventually, the reached their destination. It was a small lake.

“Wow. It’s beautiful.” Rodney said as he looked over the water, “I didn’t know it was here.”

As John started to get the picnic things out of the pick up he said, “Yeah. It’s a well kept up secret. We shouldn’t be disturbed.”

Rodney helped John unload.

As John unloaded a sunshade he said, “I remembered what you said about being allergic to citrus and not liking to be in direct sunlight.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Rodney said as he took the picnic basket and followed John.

Suddenly he found himself in a clearing with a good view of the lake. John stopped and laid out a blanket and took the basket from Rodney.

“Are you going to join me?” he asked motioning towards the blanket.

Rodney sat down nervously as John sat things out.

“Here.” John said, as he passed Rodney the sandwiches, “Turkey. I promise there is no citrus.”

Rodney laughed at he took a bite. “Mmm. Nice.”

As they ate they chatted. John asked, “Why do you stay here with your Aunt?”

Rodney looked sad. John wished he hadn’t asked.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind. My mother and father split up. When it came to my sister and me, my father never liked me and couldn’t be bothered to fight our mother for the custody for my sister Jeannie. Mother couldn’t stand me either. She blamed me for the split. I ended up with Aunt Jane, my sister was with mother.”

“Oh that,” Rodney continued, “One day she turned up on the doorstep. She hated being on her own and she missed me so much that she saved up for a one-way ticket here. She said no matter what anyone said she wasn’t going back. She’s being here ever since.”

“What about you?” Rodney asked, looking at John.

“I have always lived here. My mum and dad met each other here and got married here. I never really knew my mother. She died when I was young. My father brought me up after that. He has always been there for me and I have never gone without anything.”

“I really sorry John.”

“That’s ok, Rodney. My life had been always been so full of friends and relatives that I have never really felt lonely.”

After they had finished, Rodney put his hands behind his head and lay down on the blanket. He closed his eyes with a smile on his face.

“How beautiful.” John thought as he sat and looked at Rodney as he lay there.

Slowly he moved to sit beside Rodney never taking his eyes off him. He looked so serene as he lay there with that gentle smile on his face. John couldn’t help smiling. Rodney was so, so beautiful. He had the most beautiful eyelashes John had ever seen.

Leaning over him, John lowered his face to Rodney’s and let their lips touch. Rodney’s lips were soft and warm and the feeling was electric.

At this point Rodney’s eyes opened. He found himself looking in John’s face.

“Did you kiss me?” Rodney said dreamily. Running his finger down John’s cheek.

“Yeah. I did.” John replied, cautiously.

“It was nice. Would you do it again?” Rodney asked.

“You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that. I have waited for so long.”

Rodney looked at him in amazement. “You want me?”

“Yeah. You know that day I walked in to you in the corridor,”

Rodney nodded as John continued, “Well I have to confess that it wasn't an accident. I wanted to be close to you. It was worth it.”

“Wow!” Rodney said, “Why didn’t you do anything about it?”

John looked at him and said, “I thought you wouldn’t think I was clever enough.”

Rodney laughed, “I’ve had feelings for you too! I never did anything about it because I thought that you wouldn’t want me because I’m not really into sports or anything. Also you are so popular that I didn’t think that you would be interested in me.”

“ Oh Rodney. I don’t care about you being athletic or sporty. You are wonderful, beautiful and I have fallen for you.” John cupped Rodney’s cheek.

“Wow.” Rodney said, “For a couple of guys that are supposed to be so clever we have been so stupid!”

John laughed. “Yeah. But we’re ok now.”

Before Rodney could reply, John covered him mouth and kissed him. Rodney opened his mouth and allowed John to enter. His tongue explored Rodney’s mouth.

“God this is good.” John thought, “Well worth waiting for.”

Rodney ran his hand through John’s luxurious hair. “God his is sexy. This is better than I had dreamed of!” he thought.

Lack of air forced then to break apart.

“I can’t believe you love me.” Rodney said as he gazed at John.

“Well I do.” John said, “And you had better believe it. Now I’ve got you I have to intention of letting you go.”

“That suits me fine.” Rodney said as he rolled John on to his back and laid his head on his shoulder.

The hair on Rodney’s head tickled the side of John’s neck. It was wonderful to be in the arms of the guy that he loved, someone who he thought wanted nothing to do with him.

“Wow. I didn’t see that coming.”

Rodney laughed at this and John felt his body move against him. He couldn’t help smiling.

"You are amazing Rodney." John looked at him and grinned

“Of course I am.” Rodney said, “And you are amazing too, “ as he gave a contented sigh.

Eventually the day had to end.

As they finished loading the pick up, John leant Rodney against his side and began to kiss him again. It was hot and passionate. Rodney could feel John’s arousal rubbing against his groin. It really turned him on and he gave out a moan. John responded by kissing him even deeper. Rodney wrapped his arms around John and pulled him closer. The feeling was electric. Every part of Rodney’s body was tingling. He had never felt this good before. It was all down to the guy that had pinned him to the side of the pick up. John pulled back and looked at Rodney. His eyes were full of love and adoration. It was amazing. Looking at John, he returned his gaze with a warm smile, gently caressing his cheek.

“So you are mine right?” he asked, looking into John’s face.

“Yes. From now on I am taken. Yours and yours alone.”

Rodney sighed contentedly as he held John in his embrace.

“And you’re mine?” he asked Rodney with a wicked grin, “No taking up anyone else’s offers ok.”

“Oh yeah. Like that’s likely to happen.” Rodney rolled his eyes, “And if by some strange chance it does, I promise that I will blatantly ignore it!”

“That’s very good to know.” John replied with a giggle.

“I hate to break the moment but it is getting late and we really should get back.” Rodney said, regret showing in his eyes.

John reluctantly moved away.

“Maybe we could go out tomorrow. I know that they are showing ‘Back To The Future’ at the drive in. It’s a scientifically flawed movie but still ….”

Moving to stand beside him, John interrupted “It’s no going to matter as hopefully we wont be seeing too much of it.”

John raised his eyebrows and placed his hand on Rodney’s bottom. Rodney couldn’t help blushing.

John threw back his head and laughed. Rodney hoped that he would get to see more of that.

“Come on. Lets get you home before your Aunt Jane thinks I’ve kidnapped you.”

“Now that would be fun! “ Rodney smiled with a wicked grin.

Shaking his head, John said, “ Come on.

The drive back was made in pleasant silence. John reached out and out his hand on Rodney’s knee. Rodney placed his had on it and gave it a squeeze.

Jeannie heard a vehicle draw up. Slowly she moved up to the window and pulled back the curtain. She watched as someone came round to side of the truck. It was the guy that she had seen at the station.

“Mmm. He’s nice looking.” Jeannie thought.

The man opened the door and Rodney got out. As he did they embraced and kissed.

“See you at 7pm at my house.”

John nodded and got in to the pick up. Rodney watched as the truck pulled away. As he came back towards the house Jeannie pulled the curtain back across and quickly and sat down on the sofa. The front door opened and Rodney came in.

“Hi Mer. Did you enjoy yourself? “ she said with a smile.

“Yes. I had a great time.” Rodney said as he hung up his jacket.

“He’s a good looking guy. Did you enjoy kissing him?” she said with a wicked grin on her face.

“Yes. Sorry, how did you know? Jeannie you weren’t watching were you?” he said looking at her sternly.

“Of course. You didn’t think that I wouldn’t sneak a peek did you?”

Rodney groaned as he rolled his eyes.

“And anyway, I had to give him the once over. I can’t have you going out with anyone unsuitable can I!”

Rodney laughed, “Ok. So does he get a thumbs up?”

“Oh yes.” She said giving him a big hug, “I am so pleased for you. Now all we have to do is find someone that hot for me!”

Rodney and Jeannie laughed. At this point their Aunt Jane stuck her head through the door.

“So I gather that everything went well.”

“Yes thanks.” Rodney said with a huge grin, “In fact we’re going out tomorrow. We are going to a drive in movie and then I’m going to take him to the Atlantis diner for a meal.”

“You never told me that!” Jeannie scowled at him.

“You didn’t ask.” He replied, sticking his tongue out at her.

“Will you two behave yourselves.” Jane said with a giggle.

Looking at Rodney, she said, “Just make sure you remember everything” as she gave him a wink.

Rodney blushed and stammered, “I err….I will.”

“Oh yes.” She added, “Jennie and I are going out tomorrow night. So please feel free to bring your date back to the house if you wish. I really don’t mind.”

Rodney rushed up to her and gave her a big hug. “Thanks. That’s really kind of you.”

Turning to Jeannie he said, “and you too.”

Jeannie beamed at him, “You deserve it bro. I hope you will happy and if he does anything to hurt you he will have me to deal with!”

“He should be soooo scared.” Rodney said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

The room was filled with laughter.

The next morning Rodney woke up feeling really nervous.

He completely understood what his Aunt Jane had meant. He had to go and get some condoms and lube.

“Oh I can do this. It’s not like it’s the end of the word. It’s condoms and lube.” he thought as he swallowed hard.

After a hurried breakfast Rodney found himself walking down the street to the pharmacy.

“You can deal with advanced math, so how hard can it be?”

As he walked in, his stomach was full of butterflies. Picking up some condoms and lube, he headed towards the checkout. He stopped as there was a woman there. It was at this point that his resolve failed and he hung back.

The pharmacist looked up as Rodney shrank back from the checkout. He couldn’t help smiling. He had seen this so many times before.

“Bet you he is buying condoms.” he thought to himself.

Turning away from the till he said, “Daniel, could you please get Mrs Beckett’s prescription for her.”

“Sure.” A voice came from the back of the pharmacy.

“How’s your son Mrs Beckett?” he asked the woman.

“ Carson’s doing fine. He’s decided he wants to be a doctor you know.”

“Ah yes. Just like his father.” He replied with a smile as he handed over her prescription.

After another brief conversation she left and it was Rodney’s turn.

“I want to buy these.” He said as he pushed them across the counter along with some money. He only hoped that it would be enough.

“You have a date tonight?” he asked.

Rodney nodded and his face went bright red.

“It’s good to see that you are being sensible. You don’t want your date to get pregnant do you?’

“That’s not going to happen.” Rodney thought to himself.

As he took the package he managed to mumble, “Thank you.” And almost ran out of the pharmacy.

“Ok. Glad that’s over.” He thought to himself, heaving a sigh of relief.

Rodney stood in front of his bedroom mirror. He was wearing a pair of dark blue dress trousers and a white shirt.

“Jeannie,” he called, “come in here a minute.”

“Ok Rodney. What’s up?” she said as she came in to his room.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“No. Loose the shirt and put on this one.” Jeannie handed him a blue shirt, “I think this will look at lot better.”

Rodney changed in to it and looked in the mirror. “ Hey you’re right, sis. Thanks.”

“It’s just as well at least one of us has some fashion sense.”

“Oh ha ha! Very funny.” He said as he finished getting ready.

The doorbell rang and Jeannie rushed down the stairs.

Opening it she said, “Hi and who are you?”

John looked at her and smiled. “John, Rodney’s date.”

“Come in.” she said as he took at good look at him, “Very nice indeed.”

John was wearing a pair of black chinos, a black button down shirt and a black leather jacket.

John looked at her with a warm smile and said, “You must be Rodney’s sister.”

“Yeah. Meredith is my brother.”

John looked at her, “Meredith? I thought his name was Rodney.”

“That’s his middle name. He gets very sensitive about people using Meredith” Jeannie replied. “Come in to the living room. He will be down soon.”

John followed her and sat down. “I don’t know he he’s so worried. I think that it’s a beautiful name just like him.”

1eannie looked at him. “He really loves him.” She thought.

“John,” she looked directly at him, “Mer is a really sensitive guy, though you wouldn’t always know it. I know that you care about him but if you deliberately hurt him you will have me to deal with!”

“Should I be scared?” John asked, a look of concern on his face.

“Too right!” she said with a grin.

At that point there was a sound of footsteps running down the stairs.

Rodney rushed in. “Sorry that took so long.”

Seeing Jeannie there he said, “Oh. I thought you were going out?”

“We are. See you, John. Have a good evening guys.” She said as he bounced out the door.

John laughed. “You have one cool sister. She really cares about you.”

Rodney smiled, a look of pride on his face. “Yeah. I know. I’m glad she came to stay.”

“Now, Meredith, why don’t you come here and let me have a look at you.” John said with a sly grin.

“Mer .. Oh she told you didn’t she? “ Rodney sounded pained.

“Hey don’t worry, Meredith Rodney Mckay. Your name is just like you. Beautiful.” John said moving towards Rodney.

He wrapped his arms around Rodney’s waist and pulled him close. Gazing into his beautiful blue eyes, John sighed. “I’m so glad that I bumped in to you. I just have one regret and that is that it took us so long for us to get together.”

Rodney nodded and gave John a gentle kiss. “We should go now or we will never get out of here.”

John agreed. “Why don’t we take the pick up? We can sit in the back to watch the movie.”

Rodney thought that this was a good idea.

It turned out that John was right. They didn’t really see much of the movie. They spent most of the time holding each other, kissing and cuddling.

“Just what a drive-in-movies are made for.” Rodney said as he stopped long enough to munch some popcorn and take a swig of cola.

“Where were we?”

“Here.” John said as he drew him in for yet another kiss. It was long and luxurious. They explored each other’s mouths and their hands ran up and down each other’s backs.

Breaking apart, Rodney laid his head on John’s shoulder and took his hand. John placed a kiss on his head and rested his head against Rodney’s. This was wonderful.

“I love you Meredith.” He whispered.

“I love you John.” Rodney replied dreamily.

When the movie was over, Rodney suggested going to the Atlantis Diner.
“I’d like that very much.” John said.

“They do take away deliveries there you know. They say that if it takes more than thirty eight minutes you get it free.”

“Really?” John replied.

“Of course, they wont take your order if they can’t get it delivered on time.” Rodney said smugly.

“Yes, Rodney.” John said rolling his eyes with a smile.

Jack O’Neill welcomed them in. “Hello Rodney. Table for two tonight?”

Rodney dropped his head a little and blushed.

“Yeah. Can we have a quiet booth in a corner somewhere?” John said quietly.

Jack gave him a warm smile. “Sure. There is one over the back here.”

He led them to a corner booth at the back of the driver. John took Rodney’s hand as they moved to sit down.

At another table Ronon looked up in time to see Rodney and another young man take a corner booth.

“Do you know who that is?” he asked.

Carson looked up and said, “Yes. I know. It’s John Sheppard, the pharmacist's son.”

“You mean James Sheppard?” Elizabeth asked.

“That’s right. My mother gets her medicine from him. John and I seem to be a major topic of conversation.” Carson said with embarrassment.

Teyla watched as Rodney took John’s hand in his. They leant forward and gave each other a gentle kiss.

“I don’t know about you, but I think that look lovely together.” She said with a wonderful smile.

The table dissolved in to pleasant laughter and chatter.

After an enjoyable evening and a meal spent stealing glances at each other, chatting, touching hands and stealing the occasional kiss, Rodney and John headed towards the pick up.

“John,” Rodney said, “There is something I want to ask you.”

“Mmm. Sure ask away.” John said as he put his arm around Rodney.

“I was wondering…. I was wondering if…..if you, if you would like to come back to my place… for a coffee maybe?” Rodney said as he blushed.

John leant in and gave him a kiss.

“I would love to spent some time alone with you Rodney.”

As they drove back Rodney couldn’t help smiling. “Maybe this morning's embarrassment will be worth it after all”

Walking in to the house, Rodney closed and locked the door. He went through to the kitchen and started to put on the coffee.

John walked behind him and put his hands round his waist. He started to feather kisses across Rodney’s neck. Rodney sighed at the touch of John’s lips on his skin.

John leant his head on Rodney’s shoulder. He was so happy.

“I have to put the coffee on.” Rodney said as he snuggled in to John.

Reluctantly John let go and watched as Rodney put the coffee on.

“He is so beautiful.” John thought, “I am so lucky to have found someone like him.”

“Shall we go in to the living room. We would be more comfortable.” Rodney said looking at John.

John nodded as Rodney took him by the hand leading him in to the living room. He sat on the couch. John followed him. Taking him in his arms he began kissing Rodney, gentle and yet passionately at the same time. Eventually they broke the kiss and Rodney looked into John’s eyes. They were wide with arousal and shining. Rodney smiled as he ran his finger down John’s cheek.

“You are amazing Meredith Rodney Mckay.”

“Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?” Rodney said with a giggle.

“Yeah.” John said, “ But some things are worth repeating.”

John reached out and began to undo Rodney’s shirt, running his hand over his chest. Rodney’s breath hitched as John’s finger stroked his nipples.

Rodney looked at him and swallowed hard and said, “Stay with me tonight, John. Please.”

John nodded.

Rodney got up and took John by the hand and led him up the stairs in to his bedroom. Closing the door he stood and looked at John. His heart was racing as John slipped his shirt off and if fell to the floor. Rodney reached up to John’s shirt to undo it, but his hands were shaking.

“It’s ok. Let me.” John said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Rodney looked as John slipped of his shirt. His chest was covered in hair. Rodney sighed as he ran his fingers through it. Rodney began to kiss him, starting with his lips. He then moved down his neck to his chest, sucking his nipples. John gasped as Rodney’s tongue and lips worked on each of them. Lifting Rodney’s head, he pulled him close, chest to chest. The feeling of skin on skin was amazing. John could feel the warmth of Rodney’s against his own. His arousal pushed in to Rodney’s as they moved together. John began to unfasten Rodney’s belt as he pushed him back on the bed. As John unzipped Rodney’s pants his hand moved out his erection. Rodney gasped at each touch. John pulled off Rodney’s pants and boxers. Before long, he lay naked on his bed.

John stood and admired the view as Rodney looked up at him with adoring eyes. John sighed as he looked at Rodney. As he continued to watch Rodney, he finished undressing. Joining Rodney on his bed, he lay down beside him. They began to kiss passionately, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. The room was full of sighs and moans.

John moved down Rodney’s body, kissing him as he went. Rodney moaned at each touch. His whole body felt so alive, tingling all over. Eventually John reached his erection. Taking him in his mouth, be began to suck, lick and tease him.

“OhMyGodOhMyGod!” Rodney moaned.

Rodney revelled in each sensation, as John worked on his erection. Reaching down, he grabbed John’s hair. John didn’t mind. Rodney felt his balls begin to tense up. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. John knew it to!

Raising his head, John said, “It’s ok. Let it go.”

As John want back to Rodney’s erection Rodney became to come.

“John…OhMyGod John!” he called out.

John’s mouth was full of Rodney’s come and he drank down every last drop.

Lifting his head, John looked at Rodney. Rodney’s face was a picture of contentment.

“Rodney. I want to…”

Rodney didn’t let him finish the sentence.

“Lube and condoms in top drawer of my dresser.” He panted pointed in the general direction where John needed to go.

John got up from the bed. Rodney watched as he went over to the dresser and reached in to the drawer.

“Mmm. That’s a wonderful ass.” Rodney thought to himself with a smile.

Then John turned round. Rodney swallowed as he saw his erection.

“Do you like what you see?” John said with a wicked smile.

“Uh…uh hu.” Was all Rodney could say as he nodded his head.

John came back to the bed and lay down beside Rodney. Reaching out a hand he turned his face towards him and gave him a long slow, passionate kiss. Rodney opened his mouth to let John in, who accepted the invitation with eagerness.

As they broke the kiss Rodney said, “Do it. Do it now!”

John nodded. “I want you on your back so I can see your face.”

Rodney nodded back and gave him a warm smile.

As he lay back, Rodney watched as John squirted some lube on his fingers. With the other he lifted one of Rodney’s legs. Rodney felt a finger rub around his opening.

“Relax Rodney. I promise I wont hurt you.”

Rodney closed his eyes as John out a finger in to him. Slowly he moved it around and it was joined by another. John began to stretch Rodney, who began to writhe around the fingers that were penetrating him.

Placing a hand on Rodney’s hip, John stilled Rodney. “Rodney relax. Just let it happen.”

When John thought Rodney was ready he slipped the fingers out. Wiping his hand on his thigh, he reached out and grabbed his condom.

Rodney listened as John opened the condom packet.

“There’s no going back now.” Rodney thought, as he lay there and waited.

Squirting lube on his erection, John said, “Are you sure that you want to do this?”

Opening his eyes, Rodney looked at John and nodded.

John lifted Rodney’s legs over his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock on to Rodney’s opening. Gently he pushed it in. Rodney swallowed hard as John penetrated him. Slowly, inch by inch, John pushed his length in to Rodney. Rodney clenched around him. It felt like a vice around his cock. Once John had his full length inside Rodney, he stopped and waited. Eventually he felt Rodney relax.

“That’s it.” He said, “I want you to enjoy this. Please tell me if I am hurting you.”

The sensation was so amazing, that Rodney wasn’t even sure he could speak John’s name, never mind trying to string a coherent sentence together.

John began to move within him. In and out. Slowly at first, then he began to pick up some speed. It was at this point that John began to hit Rodney’s prostate. It got an instant reaction from Rodney’s cock as it began to get hard. Rodney felt like he was in the middle of a firework display on the fourth of July. His head was full of little explosions. It was all he could do not to pass out from the intense pleasure he was feeling.

Rodney began to mumble something. He couldn’t really tell what it was. He had a feeling that it was something to do with advanced math, but he couldn’t be sure. Not that he really cared. All that mattered was the feeling of John inside him. Rodney lay his head back and allowed himself to get lost in the feelings.

As John was making love to Rodney, he looked at him. Rodney’s face was a picture of bliss. John couldn’t help smiling. Rodney began to moan with his head thrown back. This in turn made John thrust even harder. Rodney’s cock began to twitch. Suddenly Rodney came with a loud scream. It splattered all over his stomach. This drew John over the edge too.

“Rodney. OhhhhGOD” he shouted as he came with one final thrust.

John slipped out of Rodney and lay beside him.

“Wow! That was amazing.!” He said as he lay there with a huge grin on his face.

“Mmm.” Rodney said, “That was rather good.”

John looked at Rodney’s come splattered stomach and said, “we really need to get cleaned up!”

Rodney looked over at John, “Give me a minute and get something.”

John looked down at his condom-covered cock and said, “It’s ok. I need to go to the bathroom anyway. I’ll go.”

Rodney looked at John with a smile and said, “Ok. Put on my dressing gown. It wont matter if Aunt Jane or Jeannie walked in to you. I have a feeling that they were expecting you to stay”

John leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss, then he jumped up off the bed and grabbed Rodney’s dressing gown. Then he went our of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

After a moment the door opened again, “Which way do I go?” John said with an embarrassed smile.

“Oh sorry. Turn right and it’s second on the left.” Rodney replied with a yawn.

It wasn’t long before John returned with a damp face cloth. He cleaned Rodney up and found a place for the cloth. Climbing back in bed, he pulled the covers over them both.

“That was wonderful, my lover.” He said as he snuggled in to Rodney.

“Mmm. I like the sound of that.” Rodney said as John wrapped his arms around him.

“Thank you. That was so…so amazing.” Rodney said as began to drift off to sleep.

John smiled as he lay there listening to Rodney’s breathing as he too drifted off to sleep.
The next morning Rodney woke up and rolled over. He found himself looking in to a beautiful pair of brown eyes.

“Hey there gorgeous.” John said grinning at Rodney.

Rodney reached over and ran his hand through John’s hair. It felt wonderful.

“Hi John.” Rodney said with a huge smile on his face.

John pulled Rodney to him. He gave him a really deep, wonderful, passionate kiss. Rodney moaned in to John’s mouth.

As they broke the kiss Rodney just looked at him. “Amazing.” He sighed.

John laughed as he gazed in to Rodney’s beautiful blue eyes.

“We’d better get up. I should let my Dad know I’m ok.” He said.

Down in the kitchen, Aunt Jane was getting breakfast. Jeannie was sitting having coffee.

As Rodney and John walked in to the kitchen she greeted them with, “Hi there guys. Have a good night?”

She looked at them both with a smile as she raised her eyebrows.

“Yes we did. Not that it’s any of your business!” Rodney said, poking his tongue out with a giggle.

Aunt Jane looked over at John and said, “Don’t mind those two. They love each other really.”

John laughed. He really felt at home here.

“Excuse me,” he said, “Would you mind if I use the phone. I should call my Dad.”

Aunt Jane looked at him with a smile and said, “Or course you can. It’s in the hall by the living room door.”

“Thank you.”

As he walked out of the kitchen, he turned to Rodney and said, “Be back in a moment.”

Jeannie looked at Rodney. “He’s great. You are so lucky Rodney.”

Rodney sat there with an enormous grin on his face, “Yeah, He is something. Isn’t he?”

Aunt Jane stuck a plate down in front of Rodney, “Get stuck in.”

Rodney said, “Thank you.” And started to eat his breakfast.

After a few minutes John came back and sat down.

“When we’ve finished, ’m going to head home. Do you want to come with me? Dad will be home and you can meet him.”

Rodney smiled. “Yes. I don’t think that there’s anything I needed to do today.”

Aunt Jane said, “No. There’s nothing that can't wait until tomorrow. You two go off and enjoy yourselves.”

The rest of breakfast was spent in pleasant was spent in pleasant conversation.

After breakfast they headed out the door.

As John left he called, “Thanks for breakfast. It was really nice.”

Aunt Jane looked at him and said, “That’s alright. You are welcome here anytime.”

They headed over to John’s house. Rodney began to get nervous.

“What if he doesn’t like me?” he said, looking at John.

“If he doesn’t like you it wont make any difference. After all you’re going to be going out with me, not him.” He replied.

Drawing up to the house, Rodney got out. His heart was racing.

“Come on lets get this over with.”

Walking in to the house John called out, “Hi dad. I’m home. I’ve brought Rodney with me.”

“Ok son. I’m in the kitchen. Why don’t you come through?” he called out to them.

The voice seemed familiar to Rodney but he couldn’t place it.

James Sheppard sat at the table. It was covered in paper work.

“Hi dad. This is Rodney.” He said as they walked in to the kitchen.

James looked up and recognised Rodney immediately

“Hello. We’ve already met but it is nice to be introduced.”

Rodney stared at him, “Yes. That’s right. I run the pharmacy.”

Rodney stared at John as a look of horror came over his face.


Turning beetroot red he ran out of the kitchen in to the garden.

James looked after him and said, “A very sweet sensitive kind of guy.”

“So you like him?” John asked hopefully.

“Yes. I think that he is a nice young man.” He said, “and you had better go to him.”

Rodney was sitting on the bench with his head in his hands. John moved over to him. Gently he lifted Rodney’s head and looked in to his blue eyes.

Rodney looked at him and said, “I feel so stupid. I didn’t know your father ran the pharmacy”

John put his arm round Rodney’s shoulders, “Well you do now.”

“Thanks but that doesn’t make me feel any better.” Rodney said as he lay his had on John’s shoulder.

“How am I going to be able to face him again.”

John smiled as he said, “That’s ok. I promise that next time we need supplies, I’ll go and get them.”

“The next time….” Rodney said in surprise, “You mean there’s going to be a next time?”

“Yeah. That’s exactly what I mean.” John said as he drew Rodney in to yet another kiss.

“Yes. This is definitely going to be a good summer.” Rodney thought to himself.


A/N No2 : The legend that I used was 'Young man discovers pharmacist who sold him condoms is his date's father.'

Also as this is my first attempt at slash fic please be kind to me. If you feel the need to flame me can you please leave me lightly toasted!!!
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