Writer's Block: First and only

Is there a film that you think is perfect in its original form and should never be remade?
I have had a think of this and the only things that I could think of are any of the movies that have been made and/or stared Mel Brookes, (Spaceballs comes to mind) and The Bourne movies. Matt Damon was amazing in those movies and I dont think they would be the same if anyone else was in them.

I am feeling a bit put out!

I wrote a ST:XI story and nobody has bothered to comment. I don't even know if anyone has even bothered reading it. It's not that I want lots of comments but just one would be nice. Ah well such is the life of a fan-fic writer! (I haven't jumped ship from my Startgate fandom. I am just taking a dip in another fandom universe!)
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So this is 2010.

I didn't make any resolutions apart from the one in my last post. But I guess that I should make a few.

1) To post my stories to my journal (SGA, Crossovers and ST)

2) Get my life in to order. (More chance of me captaining the Enterprise! ;-) )

3) learning to love ME!

Well thats a start.

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